Clear shots, easy to use, bright colours, durability: this is what comes to mind when thinking of the Paralenz underwater camera. This past summer, 2018, I set out for the Red Sea Egypt to collect data for my Master’s thesis with the University of Glasgow Egypt Marine Expedition. To collect data for my thesis, I used two Paralenz underwater cameras attached to a carbon fiber rig, giving me a wider frame of view and allowing me to calculate the length of the fish I was surveying. For each survey, I would swim at a constant speed while following the contours of the reef for a total of 100 meters per survey. I recorded my path using the Paralenz cameras, and later used the footage to identify and count all the fish that swam in my path.


In order to accurately survey fish communities on the coral reefs, I needed a solid camera that would ensure I got the clearest images with the least amount of hassle. Paralenz cameras were the perfect fit because they are small, lightweight, easy to use, and deliver amazing clarity in every frame. Because of the great battery life, I was able to perform multiple surveys throughout the day on a single charge! Image quality was the most important aspect of data collection. Without a good camera, it would have been very difficult to accurately identify all the different fish species. Along with clear imagery, these cameras were able to colour correct the videos to show the vibrant colours and patterns of the different fish, which also made fish identification quicker and easier. In addition, features can be added on the video screen such as depth and temperature (images below).


paralenz 2

I really enjoyed working with the Paralenz cameras. They made data collection easier and I was excited to watch the videos afterwards, knowing they would be clear, bright, and colourful. I would like to thank Paralenz for sponsoring the 2018 Egypt Marine Expedition and would recommend these cameras to divers and outdoor enthusiasts of all levels!

 paralenz 3