The expedition team have all arrived at Roots Dive Camp in El Quseir, Egypt ! On arrival the team had their induction to the camp and Pharaoh Dive Club and after journeys on planes, trains and busses the team were very glad to rest their weary heads before the first full day in the desert.

Induction to Roots Red Sea !

The team were up bright and early, some to start their dive courses and others to head off for a check dive on the first day at the house reef called Abu Sauatir. The conditions were challenging, with strong winds, choppy surface, surge and slight currents but everyone showed their skill strength and done fantastic on the check dive.

First Day Diving !

The house reef is accessed from the shore and has two sides to choose from – the North and the South. The whole team dove together for the first dive to the South of the reef. Although conditions were not optimal the visibility was still considerably good at around 15-20m and the water was a welcoming 28 degrees C !


There is plenty to see here at Abu Sauatir reef, the team were treated to an array of marine life such as masked puffers, squid, peppered moray eels, hawkfish and plenty of blue spotted sting rays.


For the second dive of the day we split into 2 groups and continued to get reacquainted with our equipment and dive techniques to prepare for the upcoming projects. This time we dove the South reef and spotted the Red Sea Clownfish which is the subject of one of the projects we will conduct during the expedition!


On day two some of the team continued with their courses while the rest of the team worked on their skills in the water as well as getting familiar with the dive site.

Soon all members of the team will be certified divers and ready to tackle the projects you’ve heard so much about ! We look forward to sharing the journey with you!