Yesterday we organised another day of educational fun with the NGO Roaya and, this time, the activities took place in and around Roots camp. The afternoon began with a briefing from us on what the kids and young adults would be doing; it was explained that there were 3 stations between which 3 groups would move.


The first station was based in the lab. We had prepared a slideshow of various different fish types found in the Red Sea, and everyone was provided with a Collins Red Sea guide. Each fish was shown on the TV for a few seconds before it was taken away, and the first to find the fish in the book and draw it on the board won a point. At the end of the round, the person with the highest number of points won a prize. They were also shown a number of things under the microscope, including a fly’s leg, cotton and wood cells and some alive shrimp collected during a dive.

The second station was set up at the beach, where we showed them how to create a chair from tyres and material. Prizes were given for the most well-made chair.


The third station was also situated at the beach, and involved hermit crab racing. Circles were drawn in the sand and obstacle courses constructed within these circles. Everyone was split into pairs and assigned crabs, which were placed in the middle of the circle. The first crab to cross the line of the circle was the winner. Several rounds of this were conducted in order to determine the overall winners, who won a prize.


The day was fun and, as ever, it was rewarding to see the people getting involved in the activities and asking questions about various aspects of marine biology, indicating their interest in conservation.